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Tuesday thru Friday 8:30am to 7:00pm Saturday 8:30am to 5:00pm Sunday 11:00am to 5:00pm Kitchen closes 30 minutes prior to store closing. The Heidelberg Haus Cafe, Bakery and Giftshop will be
closed on the
following holidays:
New Year's Day Easter Sunday Mother's Day Indy 500 Race Day Memorial Day 4th of July Labor Day Thanksgiving Day December 25th December 26th See what over 200
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See what over 200
wrote about
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Take a look at some wonderful pictures of our store past and present...
Click on the images for a larger view!



Angi and St. Nikolaus
(State Fair 2011)

Cierra, Jenna, Angi and Gabi
(State Fair 2011)
Angi, J.J., Jenna and Cierra with
the Original Alpine Express
(State Fair 2011)
Angi, Ellen, Tanya and Jenna
(State Fair 2011)
Leading the Polanaise
(State Fair 2011)


Heidi W. JJ with some of the Grandkids Sarah Ellen and Cierra


The old mural painted by local artist Billie Joe Rainbow after being exposed to 33 years of rain, snow and sunshine finally blistered beyond repair. The entire wall had to be sandblasted to make room for the new mural in 2010. Starting to outline the new mural. We had great support from many of our longtime customers to financially help in restoring this wonderful famous landmark mural to beautiful new life for years to come. Adeline Corkwell provides some ideas to enhance the new German landscape mural by Anderson, IN artist Debbie Knapp August, 2010. This section is only half finished and the artist is trying very hard to finish the big mural before the onset of winter A little bit of landscape from the owners birthstate in Baden-Wurthenberg in the Black Forest Region


Part of our famous Springerle Cookie Mold Collection The German Candy Corner Cosy Cafe tables scattered throughout Cafe tables Another Artist 'Rainbow' painting


Over 800 Biersteins galore... German Gifts, Chocolates, Cookies, Candies - oh my! Indianapolis largest German Groceries Store. Wall of Wonder...
some previous pictures of J.J.'s creations
Cookoo Clocks and more


J.J. offering a Springerle cookie demonstration in the antique bakery. His apprentice granddaughter Lily helping as well - just kidding Our showcase of delicious goodies Fall 2007 Random gift items


We like to think we have a little of everything External store view Here is our 8x60 ft. mural painted by artist Rainbow Check out our 1906 antique
bakery museum
Large collection of bakery items from yesteryear


Part of the cafe and giftshop Mural by Rainbow

Another External Shot

More of our giftshop



Part of the front facing Pendleton Pike German Groceries Galore One of our many murals painted by Rainbow Gabi putting finishing touches on a wedding cake ca. 1972 Our Brand New 1990 Baking facility


Antique Bakery Museum Celebrating America's Birthday
1976 Mural
The early days 1968 Indiana Blizzard of 1978 Getting some construction help from the little ones 1975


Ella, J.J., our wonderful baker
Mr. Ziegler and Gabi 1971
Our antique collection is starting to look pretty good ca. 1969 Ella, J.J., and Gabi 1976 Front View Cafe Tables


Spirit of '76 Wow, and they said we couldn't fit all this stuff in here Our famous German Pastries Showcases Lots and Lots of Goodies Counter hasn't moved... ever. Stammtisch of our regulars since 1968


Wife Gabi displaying our delicious goodies 1978
ca. 1972
Antique Bakery Juergen, Gabi, Heidi and Corinna ca. 1978 Early days in the Bakery 1980 Slowly building our antique collection 1984


Showing off a few of our famous Springerle molds 1968 Way back when... 1968 circa 1969 Ella displaying one of our beautiful wedding cakes 1973


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